ij.start.cannon - Setup Guide to Canon Printer

When looking for the best industrial, optical, and image equipment such as scanners, printers, cameras, and lenses, then look for Canon. Canon is one of the largest international and eminent manufacturers of such equipment. Furthermore, its Canon Printers lineup suits your needs and way of life. The Canon Printers also provide more intelligent networking possibilities than ever before. Moreover, setting up those Canon printers is effortless. All the users just have to visit ij.start.cannon, here they will get complete setup procedure guides and recent versions of Canon printer drivers. 

Canon offers high-quality printers that are favored by people all over the world, ranging from single-functioning models to effective all-in-one printers. Furthermore, installing a Canon printer is simple. You will learn how to easily set up ij.start.cannon from the information below. The steps and instructions for all the procedures are outlined here. Moreover, users are requested to carefully follow the stages in order to avoid difficulties and mistakes as they go through the process.

What is ij.start. Cannon?

Before proceeding with the complete Canon printer setup, let’s have a quick brief on what is ij.start.cannon. 

ij.start.cannon is the default web address to access the Canon printer setup and installation process. Furthermore, users can download the Canon printer drivers for their Windows or Mac devices. Along with that, on ij.start.canon users can also get updates for their Canon printer software and professional customer assistance. Moreover, users can download and install the printer drivers using the instructions on this page. All you have to do is follow the instructions and prompts that your device keeps giving you. After that, once you complete the setup process successfully, you will be able to use the enhancing capabilities of your Canon Printer.

Select Your IJ Start Canon Model

Canon Printer Setup

If you are setting up your printer hardware for the first time, then follow the below instructions from ij.start.cannon:

➔ First, unbox the Canon printer to start the setup procedure.

➔ Next, remove all the packaging (including plastic and other wrappings) from all the items of the hardware device. 

➔ Make sure your printer is free of any tape or plastic covering.

➔ Now set the printer down on a level, dry surface. Furthermore, make sure to place it securely.

➔ Additionally, you need to remove the accessories that came with the printer.

➔ Now, refer to the user manual that was included with your printer and follow the instructions to connect the cables and other materials needed to finish the first setup process.

➔ Next, connect your printer’s power cord to a power source and turn it on.

➔ You must press the power button located on the control panel to turn on the printer.

➔ After that, put ink in your printer’s cartridge, be careful at this step to avoid any damage or waste.

➔ We suggest that you refer to the “ink installation” instructions in the user handbook for guidance.

➔ As the last step, you must now load the sheets.

➔ Make sure to properly prepare the pages by aligning all of the edges before placing them in the paper tray.

➔ The pages you load into your printer must be in portrait orientation, so check that. Otherwise, it may cause a paper jam if you insert them in the wrong way.

The ij.start.cannon setup for your Canon printer is covered in these steps. The next step in the process is to download the Canon printer drivers for the printer device. For that, scroll down to review the following process.

Search For Your Drivers

To Get Started

canon printer drivers

Procedure to Download Canon Printer Drivers

You must download the Canon printer drivers after configuring your printer. With these drivers, you make your printer device function properly; thus, you must download and install the Canon printer driver. The printer driver controls everything, from transmitting commands to printing. Furthermore, the most reliable platform to download your printer driver is ij.start.cannon. Check out the steps below for a thorough explanation of the procedure:

➔ Now, open a safe web browser in that system.

➔ Next, enter ij.start.cannon or ij.start.canon into the address bar of that browser.

open web browser

➔ To access the printer driver webpage, press the enter key on your keyboard after that.

➔ Tap on the “Canon Printer Setup” tab from the ij.start.cannon main page now.

visit ij.start.cannon

➔ The product window will consequently show up. You may see many Canon printer drivers here.

➔ Also, you must identify the correct driver for the model number of your printer. Therefore, enter the model number of your Canon printer in the search bar to do that.

search product


➔ After that, click the “go” button. You will be redirected to the page displaying the right driver download link for your canon printer.

➔ Check to make sure you are getting the correct ij.start.cannon printer driver before moving on.

➔ In the corner, select the ‘OS’ option as per your system compatibility.

➔ Next, select “download” from the menu, and the driver downloading process will begin.

Download Compatibility Of Driver

Users will have no trouble finishing their printer driver download by using the setup instructions for the ij.start.cannon printer and the driver download. Following the procedure, up next is the Canon Printer Driver Installation.


Printer Driver Installation Procedures

Now that you have successfully downloaded the printer drivers, it is time to install them. This section will guide you through that process:

Connecting Canon IJ Printer to WiFi

➔ Start by accessing or navigating to the default download folder of your system. From there, open the downloaded printer driver exe.file. Double-tap on the file to run it. 

➔ Now, the Canon driver Setup will appear on your screen, where you must confirm the language to move ahead in the Canon Printer Setup procedure. Once you’ve made your decision, click “Next” to continue.

➔ The next step is the stage where you connect your computer and wireless Canon printer. You have the option of connecting them both wirelessly or through a USB port. After finishing the connecting process, you must choose your printer model, which will provide a selection of available drivers and additional applications.

➔ Here go through all desired checkboxes in the installation package. In order to set it up, select the “Next” tab.

➔ Now, to prevent or avoid any future problems, you must make sure to read the License Agreement window when it appears carefully. Once you complete reading, accept it.

➔ When it is finished, start evaluating the driver setup process’s effectiveness. To accomplish this, print a test page. Place some A4 printing paper in the tray and start the project. The setup will be successful if you receive a favorable result, which is a good quality print.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to find the Right Canon Printer Driver for my Device?

First, go to ij.start.cannon in order to obtain the appropriate printer driver for your Canon device. Then, visit the product page; a search bar can be found there. Enter the model number of your Canon printer in that search window, then click Go/Next. It will link you to the printer device's driver download page.

2. How can I set up my Canon printer model PIXMA Tr7520?

No need to worry; the steps mentioned above will help you through it. All Canon printers' installation and driver download processes are now mostly the same. So you can follow the setup instructions and download the most recent PIXMA Tr7520 driver from the link above.

3. Is it necessary to connect the device wirelessly with a system to use the printer?

How you plan to utilize the printer will determine how you answer that question. You must couple the device with a wireless network if you need to efficiently complete your assignment and send a print command from anywhere in the office while in a business setting. You can use the UBS approach if you're at home and don't feel like dealing with the pain of wireless configuration.

4. What to do when the printer shows no data is printed?

This typically occurs when the settings you selected and applied won't have an impact on your printing equipment. Change the print settings in that instance and make sure the device supports the print features. Furthermore, because some printer devices don't support any of these, pay extra attention to the other factors like paper size, color prints, and two-sided printing.